Reformer CLASSIC

This class works through the fundamentals of the original Joseph Pilates method. In this class you can expect to do a similar format every time you attend, working through a full body range of movement. We start with footwork, then move to feet in straps, core, and finish with arms. You'll spend most of the time laying down, learning the basics of the reformer, and feeling control over your body while being empowered, challenged, and supported. 

*Suitable for beginners, those who struggle to kneel, and post-natal friendly. Not suitable for pre-natal past 16 weeks.

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Reformer FLOW

This class is the best of everything Pilates! We'll move around the reformer (or flow around), with strengthening, twisting, balance, and coordination the focus. You will get your joints moving, spine twisted, core loaded, and you'll feel strong and stretched at the end of class. Creative and fun, an ideal 45-min of movement on the reformer for all levels.  

*Suitable for beginners, pre & post-natal, and injury modifications available. 

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Reformer FIT

Ready to level up? Fit is a full body workout on the reformer, taking you through challenging movements, utilising props and weights to add extra burn. Flow through and be prepared to sweat in this workout that will give you total body awareness and have you feeling invigorated. We use more advanced springs and focus on form to make you stronger, improve your endurance, improve flexibility, and increase your mental focus.

*Not suitable for beginners, or those with injuries. Pre-natal friendly if client has strong base level of fitness. 

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Flow & release is a slower style of reformer class, taking you through juicy stretches to have you feeling calm and lengthened. We'll begin with a warm up where you'll feel that signature Pilates burn, and then move onto flowing movements and long hold stretches that feel like a big exhale for your muscles. *Suitable for beginners, and those with injuries. Post-natal clients welcome. 

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These classes have been designed with the over 50's in mind, however are open to all ages and bodies. This class is for you if you like to take things a little slower. We have you moving through and completing a whole body workout with enough challenge to see strength, mobility, and balance improvements. You will leave class feeling strong, stretched, and mobile.

*Suitable for beginners, post-natal, and injury modifications available. 

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Designed for those who have never done Pilates before, or if you feel like a reformer refresher. In a 60 min class we go through the basics of reformer Pilates exercise, the importance of understanding your core stability, equipment used, shapes of movement and breath. After this class, you'll be ready to join group reformer classes and your instructor will recommend which classes will suit your individual needs. 

*Please note - we run a Reformer Foundation class once per month. If you are a first timer and can't see this class on the timetable, we invite you to join us for a Reformer CLASSIC class.

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    A combination of traditional Barre movements, mat Pilates, and strength. Prepare for a strong class, using a range of props and hand weights to create that ever-loved Barre burn. Your heart rate will rise, and your body will feel lengthened & lifted - topped off with a juicy stretch. Be prepared to sweat! 

    *Not suitable for Beginners or those with injuries. Pre-natal friendly if client has good base level of fitness.


    A mix of traditional Barre movements, mat Pilates, and stretch - this class will give you the ever-loved Barre burn combined with elongating stretches. You'll move in a slow, controlled, and balanced way using props and hand-weights. A full-body flow, suitable for all levels.  

    *Suitable for Beginners, and pre & post natal.


    A full body sculpting class on the mat. A combination of mat Pilates and strength training using weights. A workout designed to get your heart rate up. Expect to sweat, and leave feeling energised.

    *Suitable for Beginners, and pre & post natal.

  • Yin Yoga

    A slow-paced practice with poses typically held for 3-5 minutes, exerting positive stress on the subtle body tissues in a relaxed, and receptive way. This triggers the body's natural repair response, leading to stronger and more supple joints. The class focusses strongly on pranayama (control of breath) to increase flexibility and relax the nervous system. It is practiced in a completely relaxed passive state so that gravity does most of the work.

    *Not suitable for those with injuries or pre-natal clients.

  • Vin Yin Yoga

    Combining Vinyasa Flow Yoga (strong energy) and Yin Yoga (relaxed energy). Clients can expect the first half of class to be a strong Vinyasa Flow sequence focussed on strength and balance; with the second half of the class focussed on strong hold stretch poses that are practiced in a completely passive state.

    *Not suitable for those with injuries or pre-natal clients.

  • Vinyasa Yoga

    Vinyasa Flow moves through the postures progressively with an emphasis on uniting mindful movement with breath. Variations of yoga postures generating warmth in your body will build on strength, flexibility, and concentration. Clients would need to have some yoga experience or regularly partake in other physical activities. Students that are comfortable and confident to self-adjust their own practice are also able to attend this class.

    * Not suitable for those with injuries or pre-natal clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a beginner, which class is best for me?

We welcome beginners to our studio, and invite you to attend our Reformer Foundation class to ensure you are across how to move on the reformer. If you can not see a Reformer Foundation on the schedule, please book in for a Reformer Classic class and arrive 15 minutes early so your instructor can give you an orientation of the equipment.

We welcome beginners (who are injury free) to attend any Yoga, Mat or Barre class.

I do Pilates regularly, and I'm visiting on holiday. Can I attend class?

Of course! We love welcoming holiday-makers into the studio. Simply purchase a casual class, or a class pack if you are in town for an extended period of time (note we can not refund, exchange, or extend credits), and go ahead and book in for your class of choice.

Whats the difference between Vin Yin Yoga & Yin Yoga?

Vin Yin Yoga is a combination of strong, flowing, Vinyasa Yoga and Yin long-hold stretches. Whereas our Yin class is only long-hold stretches.

I've never done Barre, can I attend a Barre class?

Yes! Be prepared for a challenging class, however you instructor will offer layers of each exercise so that you can choose the option that best suits your body on the day. Please note that we do not recommend Barre for those with specific injuries unless you've spoken to your instructor prior to class.

I'm looking for an advanced workout, which class should I attend?

It does depend on what you'd like to get out of your Pilates practice. Our Reformer FIT class is our most advanced offering on the reformer, with options to advance each exercise offered. If you are looking for a Mat based class you can expect advanced movement options across both Barre FIT and Mat FIT.

I like a combination of stretch & strength in my workouts, which class should I attend?

One of our NAKARMA signatures, is that we will pepper in stretch to all our classes, ensuring you leave feeling invigorated and relaxed. However if you do want more stretch in the mix, try any FLOW class (mat or reformer).